Nextgen Ideal Customer Profile


Turn cold calls hot with a next level ideal customer profile

Sales is a tough field. Especially without an intelligently developed ideal customer profile (ICP). Constantly looking for customers and trying to inspire them to make a purchase takes a lot out of you. Cold calling is one way sales teams find new clients, but why is it so dreaded? According to one study, salespeople make 33 cold calls per day, with a 2% success rate. And 63% say cold calling is what they dislike most about their jobs. Luckily it doesn’t have to be like that.

42% of sales reps say they lack the information they need to close on cold calls. In our experience their biggest problem is the lack of a true ideal customer profile (ICP).

Some think the profile of an ideal customer can be made up out of five or seven criteria like industry, location, revenue, number of employees and deal size. While this is a good start, we like to do things more thoroughly.

When we’ve pulled the basic information on your potential clients from your CRM, we’re just getting started. Your client data is then processed in our end-to-end encrypted machine learning platform to begin building a true ideal customer profile (ICP).


Building ideal customer profile with machine learning

Our machine learning platform works with a lot more data than the average salesperson or CRM handles. Before reaching an ideal customer profile it will add …

  • Financial data
  • Basic data
  • Marketing data
  • Web scraping data
  • Technographic data
  • Credit scores
  • Data on intent
  • And more

The large amount of data and the ability to find patterns in them is what makes an ideal customer profile created with more powerful than what you’re used to working with.

With the help of our tool, you’ll significantly reduce the number of times your sales team has to hear the dreaded word “no” during an average day of cold calls – lowering their risk of burn-out and bringing nobility back to sales.

Even though the Hintly platform works with hundreds of criteria and millions of data points, you can think about the process from your CRM data to your ideal customer profile in four simple steps (the last one is SO exciting!)


Step 1: Connect existing customer data to Hintly with an easy API-integration

Our end-to-end encrypted API feeds your existing customer information into our platform and pairs it with our data from many sources. This lets us find more information than you would ever be able to in a manual segmentation process.

Step 2: Your existing customer data + Hintly.ios extra layers of data = sales magic

You bring your current customer data. We add valuable layers of data that give you a more precise image of the customer. From this image our machine learning model will work continually to perfectly predict the patterns of your ideal customer profile.

Step 3: Locating your ideal customer profile “twins”

Once the platform has defined your true ideal customer profile, it will locate leads so similar they look like twins. Well, at least at the data level. This will dramatically increase your team’s closing rate on cold calls as well as slash your time spent on manual lead generation.

The result? In time you should be able to avoid rejections all together. Even cold calls will be somewhat qualified leads. As we help you eradicate some of the most hated aspects of sales work, it is our hope that we can once again make you love what you do.

Step 4: Our unique feedback loop – Getting a more accurate picture of your perfect customer every day

Many sales tools are working to add machine learning to their offerings. But we’ve developed our own unique feedback loop that makes your CRM system work better than ever.

Every time your sales reps cold call and add new data to your CRM system, they will help the Hintly machine learning algorithm better understand your perfect lead, ideal customer profile and what the best timing of your cold calls look like.

This way every rejection your team gets will be a useful signal that helps your team work even better.

New scores will be added to your CRM regularly via the API. This score helps your sales reps know their odds of conversion before they even pick up the phone. This will raise the revenue of each sales rep as well as their happiness in their job at your company.

We let sales teams from all industries get the right information and set up the best, supercharged lead score possible.

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