How hintly AI works

Hintly is a one-stop-lead-shop for the marketing industry.

And no. It’s not just another software platform. In fact, we can
replace most of the tools and Chrome extensions your
sales team uses today.

Hintly is simple. You describe your perfect fit leads. We find
them and deliver them directly to your CRM.

That way you can spend your time on actual sales work
and hit your numbers.

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How we helped
work smarter with hintly Select

We help our customers


Faster market

Happier employees &
lower employee churn

Lower sales cost

The sales manager

Increase revenue
per sales rep

Higher conversion rates

Reach targets faster

The AE & BDR

More yes, less no

Less manual prospecting

More closed won deals

Clients say


All data is secured on encrypted end-to-end GDPR-friendly Google Cloud
servers in Europe, wherefore everything is secured according to EU applicable
rules and guidelines.

Hintly has developed its own API,  and through this we can connect to almost
all CRM systems. We don’t need to connect your CRM, though. If you prefer we
can deliver leads in a spreadsheet instead.

We scout a range of data sources and perform multiple searches to find
the information needed to segment your leads. We use up to 650 data sources
to paint a comprehensive and detailed picture of your Ideal Customer Profile. 

You don’t need to learn a new software tool to use hintly. There is no need
to log in and try to figure out how to find the right leads. Based on the criteria
workshop, we simply deliver the leads directly to your CRM so you can work 
from there. If you prefer, we can also deliver leads in a spreadsheet format. 

Your ICP might change a bit over time, and the market constantly evolves.
Some companies drop out, others emerge. That’s why we as part of the
subscription run the search for perfect-fit leads multiple times every year,
to make sure you always have up-to-date information on the leads you
want to target.