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Average boost in
             conversion rate of 36,8%


Average reduction of
       prospecting time of 47%

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How does Hintly AI work?

Glad you asked

CRM extraction

Customer data is extracted from your CRM system through our API

Data enrichment

Your customer data is enriched with more than 100.000 data points, in order to create a more complete view of your customer database

Hintly AI

The Hintly AI platform  determines patterns in the enriched customer data set, thus creating a data-driven ICP. Subsequently, every lead is denoted with a “Hintly score”

Delivering the score

We deliver the “Hintly score” directly into your CRM

AI reinforcement

The AI-platform has a feedback loop integrated between your CRM and Hintly.  Each interaction with a prospect strengthens your Hintly-algorithm, giving you a constantly improving accuracy of your ICP

Why hintly AI?

I was very sceptical at first, but with an increase in our convertion rate by 198,8% how could I still be

Lucaas Taxgaard
Team manager Pre-sales

The Hintly score allowed us to target the right customers, significantly boosting our conversion rates.

Rune Larsen
Chief Revenue Officer

How does your ICP look?

Also based on 5-7 criteria like
everyone else?

Standard ICP

Standard ICP

Hintly ICP

Hintly ICP

Another success story?

We had a 198,6% boost on our outbound convertion rates and Hintly found a lot of hidden gems in project departements we’d long disregarded

Before partnering with Hintly, we faced the common challenge of identifying and reaching the right customers in new markets.

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