TimeLog grew conversions by 198.6% and now sells to new industries with Hintly.
The sales and pre-sales teams at TimeLog thought their goal of a 10% increase in conversions was optimistic when they got started using Hintly - they were in for a surprise.

TimeLog grew conversions by 198.6% and now sells to new industries with Hintly

The sales and pre-sales teams at TimeLog thought their goal of a 25% increase in conversions was optimistic when they started using Hintly. What the collected data ended up meaning for their “work-life” amazed them.

TimeLog is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation – PSA platform. It started as a time logging tool in 2001. Since then, TimeLog has grown into a platform with features tailored to customers in consultancy, marketing, and other services.

Even though TimeLog offers an advanced suite of tools for; project management, budgeting, and invoicing, the sales teams lacked something. They were doing a decent job collecting and segmenting leads from various leadsources such as BIQ, Vainu, etc.

But gut feelings still played a significant role. They would call a lot of companies similar to their current customers. And after full days of cold calls with a conversion rate between 3% and 4%, their respective gut feelings were only so-so.

“We knew a competitor of ours had great success with a more intelligent way of segmenting their leads. This made us curious about how we could do better. We soon realized that building our own AI platform for this purpose would be too big a task for us,” said Lucaas TaxGaard, Pre-Sales Team Manager at TimeLog.

Hintly helped pinpoint surprisingly warm leads

When they started using Hintly, the sales team at TimeLog was very skeptical. Though something had to be done to increase their conversions, no one on the team expected to see their ideal customer profile (ICP) challenged.

“We used to call through entire industries and get 96% rejections. This was the challenging daily life of a salesperson that we’d gotten used to. Our highest expectation was that Hintly would let us grow 25% on our conversions by improving our ICP, “said Sascha Skydsgaard, CSO at TimeLog.

So, when the Hintly AI platform started working with the TimeLog’s data had, the results were surprising. Combining their internal data with millions of publicly available data points served up a new ICP for TimeLog. And it was not limited to their usual industries.

“Hintly found a lot of hidden gems for us in project departments of companies we’d long disregarded. We don’t know how Hintly does it, but it really does outperform our expectations. We’re no longer skeptical about the value of the AI tool and how it can improve our work,” said Lucaas TaxGaard, Pre-Sales Team Manager at TimeLog.

AI increased conversions beyond their wildest dreams

The improved ICP combined with a highly data-driven selection of leads increased the conversion rate at TimeLog by 198.6%. A significantly higher outcome than the expected increase of up to 25% – would also have been good numbers.

The sales team calls the result mind-blowing and is excited about how their use of Hintly will impact their work in the future. For now, they have all found more joy in their work in sales.

“Speaking to new people that need our solutions and want to learn more about it has changed our days significantly. Simply put: working in sales is more fun when you use Hintly,” said Sascha Skydsgaard, CSO at TimeLog.

“At Hintly, we’re excited to see the impressive growth in conversions at TimeLog, and how it supports their growth journey, said “Kuno Ystrøm, Co-CEO at Hintly.

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