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Reach drastic growth in sales by making your sales reps’ jobs enjoyable

Many humans in business fear being “too salesy”. This is mostly due to the legions of pushy salesmen who have given the vocation of sales a bad reputation over centuries. But what if sales reps didn’t have to feel bad about their jobs? We might very well be at the brink of a shift that will rebrand sales as a truly helpful occupation. With our new solution they’ll get the timing right, close more sales and feel better about their jobs.

It’s been documented time and time again that sales reps burn out more than the average employee. One major aspect is the constant rejections. Sales reps feel like they’re intruding on other people’s precious time, because the instinctive reaction is a rejection. Combine that with the emotional effect of being told “no” (or the more personally insulting reactions from some potential customers) and the stressful fact that every rejection could cost them compensation.

Why sales people spend too little time actually selling

Sure, there are trusted techniques to prepare for rejections and distance yourself from them. But rejections still cause a lot of sales reps to procrastinate and prolong the time between sales calls with activities that don’t lead to sales.

It is a solid strategy to focus your mind on the possibilities in sales rather than the rejections and road blocks. But the best thing you can do for your sales reps is to make the sales conversations enjoyable. It’s all about timing.


Timing is the single most impactful detail in your sales

Contacting potential customers won’t be of much use if they are currently thrilled to be your competitors’ customers. For centuries the timing of any salesperson’s outreach has been left to chance and resulting in hit and miss scenarios. Mostly misses or hard won sales.

With the emergence of professional CRM and valuable databases you can now see when the time is right to contact a potential customer. But it takes tons of work to manually sort through your own data and couple it with data on acquisitions, new funding, portfolio expansion and more.

Even after all that manual data processing it would still be very hard to predict whether you were reaching out to your ideal customer at exactly the right time. And the available solutions will only automate some of the data processing on your behalf.

Luckily all of these issues are now a thing of the past. If you want them to be. By applying artificial intelligence to your own data and all the accessible data online your team can achieve more sales with less frustrations by getting the timing right.


Our AI solution helps you get the timing just right

At Hintly we’ve built a state of the art machine learning SaaS solution. It lets you apply artificial intelligence to your data, so you know who to call at exactly the right moment with the right offer. Coupled with all the available data from outside your organization it’ll let you predict precisely when a potential customer is in the market for your product based on sales-triggers combined with machine learning.

With this monumental shift in your approach to sales outreach, you’ll not only increase the sales in your team. You’ll also make the actual sale generating part of your sales reps’ work enjoyable – and even addictive. You’ll see a significant decrease in time spent at the watercooler, on social media and just dreading the next call. Because your sales reps will avoid reaching out to cold leads and have more pleasant conversations to the benefit of their mental health and your revenue.

Remove the negative image of salesmen

Our sole purpose is to remove the negative image of a salesman. And we’re starting with the sales person’s own work life. Instead of intruding on other people’s precious time, your sales reps can now be offering to help with the solution your ideal customer needs – at exactly the time when they are about to look for a solution like yours and most warm to a pitch from your organization.

This will once again make sales a vocation to be proud of. And who doesn’t want to feel better about making better business?

Reach out to us today for a demo if you’re ready to increase retention and revenue in your sales team.

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